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Even in the year 2007 there is still Child sex trafficking going on, right here in CA. Below is an except from an article about it which you can read the full article by clicking the link.

“OAKLAND — Along San Pablo Avenue, International and MacArthur boulevards, underage women hang out talking on cell phones. The calls they take are in response to Craigslist sex ads they’ve posted, said Jim Saleda of the Oakland Police Department’s Child Exploitation Unit.Over the years, police and local agencies have seen the phenomenon of child sex trafficking increase tenfold, officials said Thursday.To combat the complex problem, county and city officials and service agencies have launched a public awareness campaign that includes two one-minute public service video announcements created by the Youth Uprising staff.” Read the rest here


“Lend your voice to make a difference” is the motto of our organization. We believe young people who are motivated will use their energies and resources to spread the word around. Each of our voices can be a powerful and useful weapon against child poverty. They will be able to challenge their peer group and others by speaking to them about child poverty and help them to join in the fight against it. Young people can also get involved with different activities to help in the fight.   – From the Youth against poverty website

Lifewater is an organization that goes out to places that need clean water and not only provides that but empowers the the community by giving them the skills to maintain the resource. There is a benifit cd you can which you can find more out about and purchase over at It is a 2 disc album including songs from Anberlin, Watashi Wa, Blindside, Dogwood, and a bunch more.



What happens when I click on the “Give Free Food” button? Does it cost me anything?
Two things happen when you click on the button: 1) your click is registered with our computer server and is added to the daily results, and 2) it moves you to the Thank You page where tiles bearing the names of that day’s site sponsors are displayed. There is absolutely no charge to you; the food is fully paid for by the sponsors.

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One thing I dislike is trying to be, let’s say coaxed into something. Numbers are numbers and they can be a scary thing. For example 1 billion people on this earth do not have clean drinking water, that’s a scary number. The fact is Americans spend enough on ice cream alone to knock out world hunger for a whole year, is a scary thing.

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If there is anyone out there that is gifted in the design area and would like to lend their skills to design some banners please get in contact with me, or let a friend know.

I don’t know too much about India and the condition of life over there but it sounds like some people get the short in of the stick. The thing which is hard to understand is that they are born into it, and they can’t do anything about it. Like I said I don’t fully understand that. It’s completely the opposite of what America is supposed to be. Here is an except from the, please check them out in the “Make a difference” section.

“Beneath the four main castes is a fifth group, the Scheduled Castes. The people of the Scheduled Castes are not part of the Varna system. They are the untouchables, the Dalit.

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Any band members interested in contributing posts to the site please email me. If you represent, or know anyone in a band please pass this along.

We recently had the good fortune to play a rally in San Francisco aimed at raising awareness for the Darfur genocide. It acted as the west coast counterpart to the DC rally previously mentioned by ones of the Dans in this blog. I can honestly say I’ve never been in the presence of such collective, unified good will. I know it seems strange or implausible to physically feel such an intangible thing, but it is something i will never forget. To look out and see thousands of people understanding the context of not only themselves within the group, but more imoprtantly, the group within the movement, was incredible. Often times, given the way a majority of people receive their news (via 24 hour news networks) , proper context is omitted in favor of cut graphics of eagles and F-16s screaming across the screen to screeching guitars and ‘breaking news alerts’. Please refer to the laundry list of links provided in one of the earlier posts in this blog and do anything you can. Thanks.
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lowercase people is a daring new endeavor to revolutionize the way we view beauty, truth and humanity. lowercase people includes:, lowercase people Apparel, and the lowercase people Justice Fund whose purpose is to serve third world communities around the world in partnership with Geneva Global. Beneath the overarching banners of beauty and truth, lp brands focus collectively on the appreciation and promotion of noteworthy artists and art, and the advocacy of important issues of social justice.

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