The past few years for me have been severely effected by cancer. I’ve recently lost two of my best friends, as well as my uncle. From what i gathered, this website is about turning kids onto ways they can get involved to help make changes in this world.

A really close friend of mine runs an organization here in toronto called “skate 4 cancer”. A couple of years ago, he skateboarded from LA to toronto to raise funds for a local hospital.

Since then he has been putting on shows and events to raise awareness about the causes he works with, and is currently planning a cross canada skate. He is working on launching a campaign called “the cure is knowledge”, to promote education on cancer causes and early stage prevention, and to try and lead a charge of people joining together to change the world, instead of it always being about raising money. “We may not raise enough money to change the world, but we’re going to try to raise enough people to change the world”. The goal is to get early stage prevention education put into schools across canada, and for the government to provide a mandatory cancer check-up upon each 5 year renewal of the provincial health care card.

Another great organization that i fully support is “shirts for a cure”, a rock photographer who lost his wife to breast cancer’s drive to raise funds by selling band t-shirts.