We recently had the good fortune to play a rally in San Francisco aimed at raising awareness for the Darfur genocide. It acted as the west coast counterpart to the DC rally previously mentioned by ones of the Dans in this blog. I can honestly say I’ve never been in the presence of such collective, unified good will. I know it seems strange or implausible to physically feel such an intangible thing, but it is something i will never forget. To look out and see thousands of people understanding the context of not only themselves within the group, but more imoprtantly, the group within the movement, was incredible. Often times, given the way a majority of people receive their news (via 24 hour news networks) , proper context is omitted in favor of cut graphics of eagles and F-16s screaming across the screen to screeching guitars and ‘breaking news alerts’. Please refer to the laundry list of links provided in one of the earlier posts in this blog and do anything you can. Thanks.

Alright, now turn some attention to a more ‘in-house’ issue, if you will. Every 9 seconds a woman is battered in the United States. Although, this issue is not one quite as dramatic as those that have seen news coverage lately, it is no less rampant, persistant, or lacking in scope. Domestic abuse is still the single major cause of injury to women in this country. For a nation as progressive as ours, doesn’t this seem like a problem that should have been obliterated years ago? This, like all of the issues that will be dealt with in the blog, it is best remedied through knowledge. There are numerous sites and organizations that are commited to ending a crime that takes place within what should be the safest place for everyone, home. Heres a few sites doing excellent work within the Willamette Valley and across the nation:


Heres just a quick anecdotal example of how you can help. Recently a friend of mine decided this very cause, in fact one of the organizations listed above, was one deserving of much more attention. He gathered up some friends, myself and my band included, and after a few weeks of work, stress, and costume decisions, we performed a live front-to-back rendition of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. We ended up getting over 30 musicians involved, all more than willing to donate their time, and over the course of 2 local performances raised over 4 thousand dollars. So you see, it’s not out of your hands! Every little bit helps. I know you hear that on every commercial you see, but it’s the truth. So please, once again, do what you can. Thanks again.


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