“Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards has made poverty eradication in the U.S. his central focus since 2004, when he first sought the Democratic presidential nomination and then ran as vice presidential running mate on the ticket headed by Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry. The issue has remained his main rallying point as he seeks the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.”

“…Edwards took his anti-poverty campaign international, calling for a systematic effort to tackle global poverty. Edwards called this effort the newest element of the “fundamental transformational changes” he said are needed to provide a better future for the U.S. and the world. The plan is “focused on tackling global poverty and improving, in the process, the security of America and the rest of the world,” he told reporters in a conference call ahead of the speech.”

Is this a story of hope? It seems to be. I mean political figures running for office might be inclined to say almost anything so what’s the point of getting hopes up? The thing that intrigues me though is that fighting poverty has been a constant goal of the senators. What does everyone else think of the optimism shown by someone running for president?

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