Name: Dan Koch

Band: Sherwood

What’s your story for being in a band? How did you come to have a career in music?

We all met in college and started taking the band pretty seriously. Eventually, when Nate and Joe graduated, the rest of us had to drop out to start touring. We’ve been touring since then (Spring 2004).

Why are you in a band? What keeps you doing what you do day in and day out?

There are a lot of reasons. In general, I think it is just the right career for me right now — I’m happy on the road, I love music, and I love talking to our fans every night and hanging out with other bands.
I also love to travel, so it’s pretty much “win-win” for me.

What do you love about music?

I can’t really answer that, at least not completely. I feel like music is my second language — I am always thinking about it, whether consciously or unconsciously, always playing something in my head. Like any good art, good music can take you outside of yourself for a little while, which sometimes can be used as an escape, but also is one of the best ways to break free of the constant self-focus we tend
to have.

What are some of your passions in this life? What are things that you love and care about in this world?

I often feel a pretty heavy burden for the poor, oppressed, victims of disasters or human rights catastrophes, etc. I believe that human life is concretely valuable, probably more than anything
else we can think of or experience, more than, for instance, individual happiness. I love ideas, talking about ideas, thinking about ideas, and I also get very frustrated when bad ideas are used as reasons to do hurtful things.

Have you come in contact or been affected by any groups or charities that you’ve seen doing amazing work?

I have been involved in a few things, like house-building groups in Mexico, for instance, but I really think the bulk of my involvement in these types of programs is still to come. I was actually thinking about that today, how I feel like I will probably end up in some random country for a few years in the not-too-distant future, and I got really excited. But there are plenty of organizations, some of which we have been involved with, and many more we haven’t, that are doing really exciting things.

Have you been involved in any charities?

Currently, Sherwood is raising money on our tour with Relient K to build wells in Africa with Blood:Water Mission, and some members of the band have done work with World Vision.

If you had to pick an area of life to change where would you start?

Africa is in pretty bad shape right now, and although AIDS gets a lot of attention, it also gets a lot of funding, while clean water sources and Malaria prevention get much less. Those are just two problems,
amongst a host of others. It doesn’t take too much research to learn about many more…