Name: Robb Vallier

Band: Grandville

What’s your story for being in a band?
Well, I’ve been playing with other musicians since I was 11, and when you make a lot of music with someone there becomes this bond, which is tighter than any girlfriend or normal buddy you hang out with. I think after you experience that kind of bond you can feel quite empty without it. I’ll be in a band till I die! We are all very close and it’s nice to have a common goal and be excited about the same things with a group!

How did you come to have a career in music?
Most musicians don’t know much else like us…LOL! We have all been doing it since we were young, and don’t have many other interests, so it just becomes what you eat and breathe. We have each found ways of making a living in it. I produce records and both Todd and George play back-up for other artists to pay the bills. They’re actually both in London right now for a two week tour, while I’m in Los Angeles writing more material and overseeing the packaging of our new EP, Chasing The Sun.

Were there any obstacles you had to overcome to be where you are today?

Most obstacles involve money and believing in yourself when no one else knows you exist…LOL! There have been many years of ketchup sandwiches and bounced checks, but thank God they are over! Getting people to listen and take you seriously can really wear you down, but if you have a good support team through your band, family and/or friends, you’ll usually make it through in one piece.

What keeps you doing what you do day in and day out?

I think it’s the belief that this journey that you are on with music actually matters and that with a few lucky breaks and confidence, you may be able to touch others and communicate through your art. It really isn’t an easy life, but if you can understand that being a musician is what you are, what real choice is there?

What do you love about music?
How it can speak to us on so many levels, emotionally and even intellectually and how one thing can mean something totally different to the person standing next to you. I like to write songs that can be interpreted in many different ways to help reach out to everyone.

What are things that you love and care about in this world?
Without coming off too cliché, I care about helping everyday suffering of people. Our lives are hard enough! Just giving a smile to someone walking down the street or helping someone with their luggage, you know, the pay it forward philosophy. Treating people with a little kindness and respect is the best thing we can do for each other.

Have you come in contact or been affected by any groups or charities that you’ve seen doing amazing work?
I think Project Angel Food is fantastic! Helping the elderly and the lonely in their time of need is the best thing we can give to them and PAF are doing a great job!

What are some of the biggest needs that you see in this world?
Most people lack compassion for others. If we just could put ourselves in other people’s shoes more, I know we would be in a better world.