Name: Tim McDonald

Band: Broken Poets

What’s your story for being in a band? How did you come to have a career in music?
I think when I started writing songs it was a way for me to vent whatever teenage confusion I had going on at the time. From there it’s morphed into so many different stages of expression, I’ve lost count. Some good, some bad, some very bad, but it’s always been a part of my life for sure. Career? Oh yeah, I’m still working towards that.

Were there any obstacles you had to overcome to be where you are today?
Besides my own irresponsibility, ignorance, and alcohol and drug abuse, not necessarily in that order, it’s been an easy road up to this point. I’ve definitely created my own obstacles throughout my life, so it’s nice to reach the other side of all that.

Why are you in a band? What keeps you doing what you do day in and day out?
My reasons for performing seem to keep changing, but I guess my one constant motivation is striving to achieve better results.

What do you love about music?
It’s always been a way for me to translate what I think and feel philosophically. I’ve always had a strange obsession with it. Unfortunately, people think you’ve lost it if you bring those things up in regular conversation. So, I found music was a perfect vehicle for those unspoken conversations.

What are some of your passions in this life? What are things that you love and care about in this world?
Philosophy, songwriting, writing, performing and traveling. As well as the people in my life, animals and nature.

Have you come in contact or been affected by any groups or charities that you’ve seen doing amazing work?
We recently came across, Best Friends Animal Society ( who help find new homes for animals that have lost there’s due to wars in the Middle East.

Have you been involved in any charities?
The more money I make, the more I make plans to get more involved. For now, just to the usual store front donations.

What are some of the biggest needs that you see in this world? If you had to pick an area of life to change where would you start?
One thing would be in the area of alternative energy sources, and energy conservation. We’re headed for a rude awakening without serious changes being made. I heard a story recently on how the government “almost” signed a contract with a major car company to provide hybrid cars for the US Post office. This would have provided car companies with government contracts that would in turn increase the infrastructure for production for these cars. Something they just won’t do unless they’re given an incentive. An idea like this would have really helped the hybrid car market to take off. I can only assume it was a big oil lobby that got in the way of this idea. Voting for those who support making changes like these is one thing I’ll keep doing.