Name: Jake Ashley Dylan Bosci

Band: Ellington

What’s your story for being in a band?

I don’t know if i would call it a career just yet but all it really came down to was wanting to release the songs we had to people with the hope out music might help people or even change peoples lives. We released our debut demo/EP in April and i guess this is the point where are starting to turn our hobby into a trying to get on some u.s tours as support…whatever we can get we’ll take just to get out on the road really!

Why are you in a band?

I’m in Ellington because we all know what we want and why we’re playing know it sounds lame to some people but if we can help just one person through a hard time or see someone smile in the crowd or even sing along…all of your own personal issues disappear in that’s amazing!

What do you love about music?

The opportunities it can give you,the people you meet along the way and the friendships you make.

Who are some of your favorite bands, and albums that have inspired you?

Dashboard confessional has always been my biggest influence..bands like Anberlin, Copeland, Paramore all inspire me to try and push my writing’s hard work!!

What are some of your passions in this life, what are things that you love and care about in this world besides music?

My family and my friends are the most important thing to me..I’ve always had people around me to turn to..thats something allot of people don’t get..I love surfing, i do it as much as i can…i love getting out in the music it just gives you the feeling of freedom!

Have you come in contact or been affected by any groups or charities that you’ve seen doing amazing work?

Your own site MITM is the perfect median to get people aware of such charities doing great work in the world…TWLOHA are definitely my biggest influence..single handedly they are changing the world, taking shows to the road, meeting new people..changing lives…Fashion Rocks For A Cure are can make donations to them through our myspace…they are raising funds for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Patient Services Programs in the u.s.a…our own indie label Starving Kids are a not-for profit org. that runs community incentives and provides training for youth to further there education etc…just to give them a kick start in the workplace whether it be in art, music, machinery, retail etc.

Have you been involved in any charities?

Personally not as much as i should be..I’ve always wanted to get a TWLOHA benefit show happening over here in Australia. I advertise and promote as much as i can for any charity doing great things and personally donate whenever i can..i know Michael, our guitarist is very much an active supporter as well..maybe we can do something together one day..

What are some of the biggest needs that you see in this world?

Poverty..everyone brought into our world should be able to have the same chances and opportunities..self abuse is a big concern of mine..i talk to so so many people affected by depression and its so had to help sometimes…you just have to be there for them. at the moment climate change is big over here in Australia..they’re thinking of going to nuclear power reactors…im just not sure where i stand at the moment.

To go along with that If you had to pick an area of life to change where would you start?

I’d change peoples mentality..if you have money you don’t need like…$1…$5 whatever…it sounds silly but everything can be used towards helping…imagine half of the world giving TWLOHA $1 tomorrow?….how many people that could help
finally, what is more important to you than music? my friends, my family, you, our happiness.