Name: Kris Anaya

Band: An Angle

What’s your story for being in a band? How did you come to have a career in music?

Well long ago, I use to hang out with my cousin Mark Meraji. We would always listen to a lot of Bad Religion records. I thought he was really cool when I was a kid. So I basically followed him and did what he did. He always played guitar for as long as I knew, so I really wanted to as well. I asked my folks if I could learn how to play electric guitar. They were not very into it. They instead gave me classical guitar lessons and piano lessons, well it seemed to pan out I guess.

Why are you in a band? What keeps you doing what you do day in and day out?

I really enjoy writing songs, it makes me wake up in the morning. All the other stuff about being in a band is very hard. We all have to struggle with something we love; I am still going because a part of me still loves it.

Who are some of your favorite bands, and albums that have inspired you?

Bad Religion – Stranger than fiction “love the lyrics”
Pink Floyd – dark side of the moon “my favorite Recorded record ever”
Leonard Cohen – I’m your man “poet genius”

What are some of your passions in this life? What are things that you love and care about in this world besides music?

Being Happy, Stable.. Having Friends Enjoying My Short Life in a complicated world.. To be loved.

Have you come in contact or been affected by any groups or charities that you’ve seen doing amazing work?

NRDC Earth Act Basically an activist web site that sends forums to tell you what is going on in your government with Global Warming, Going Green, Animal Abuse.. National Resource Of Defense Council.. Is a great place to visit everybody should sign up .. Help Change the way and make new products Bio-fuels Hyrbrid.. Green Houses..

Have you been involved in any charities?

NRDC Earth Act

What are some of the biggest needs that you see in this world?

To lower the carbon dioxide in our planet before it becomes too late and our future will be lost. Our lovely reefs will be gone soon. Polar bears will be no more because lack of ice. In the Antarctic if that ice melts it will release tons of carbon dioxide. We must look into our past to see our future

To go along with that If you had to pick an area of life to change where would you start?

North America would be a great start, we use more energy and resources they any other country.
Now if we could only take half of it away there would be a huge change as well as in climate control and we can inspire other countries to do so. I mean isn’t that who we were, The country that inspired change? Let’s do it again.

Finally, what is more important to you than music?

My Friends , My Family , My Loved Ones.. YOU!! xo