This blog is meant to be a place for artists in bands to share with their fans the things that are more important to them than the music they play; specifically, charities and causes that are close to their hearts.

The basic idea is very simple: This is a forum for stories, entreaties, news updates, and whatever else from band members.

Fans will get to know what their favorite musicians really care about, and will hopefully begin to think about those things as well that they might not have otherwise. Band members will have a way to share what they care about, and make more of an impact in those areas.

More Important Than Music is about bringing light and hope to people who need it. This is a place of resources and awareness to some of the causes that need your help. MITM is a chance for bands to let you in on the secret that there is something more important than the music. These are the stories, thoughts and inspirations behind the melodies and lyrics.

Please help us in fighting poverty, depression, sickness, and whatever else that’s out there that makes this world a terrible place.