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We recently had the good fortune to play a rally in San Francisco aimed at raising awareness for the Darfur genocide. It acted as the west coast counterpart to the DC rally previously mentioned by ones of the Dans in this blog. I can honestly say I’ve never been in the presence of such collective, unified good will. I know it seems strange or implausible to physically feel such an intangible thing, but it is something i will never forget. To look out and see thousands of people understanding the context of not only themselves within the group, but more imoprtantly, the group within the movement, was incredible. Often times, given the way a majority of people receive their news (via 24 hour news networks) , proper context is omitted in favor of cut graphics of eagles and F-16s screaming across the screen to screeching guitars and ‘breaking news alerts’. Please refer to the laundry list of links provided in one of the earlier posts in this blog and do anything you can. Thanks.
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A friend showed me this article from the New York Times about a pretty interesting ministry in New Jersey. Enjoy…

(the photo / multimedia presentation is especially worth checking out as well)

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The past few years for me have been severely effected by cancer. I’ve recently lost two of my best friends, as well as my uncle. From what i gathered, this website is about turning kids onto ways they can get involved to help make changes in this world.

A really close friend of mine runs an organization here in toronto called “skate 4 cancer”. A couple of years ago, he skateboarded from LA to toronto to raise funds for a local hospital.

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I took a vacation to Dominica, perhaps the least known of the Caribbean Island. That’s really all it was, I wasn’t doing anything noble by being there, but I left with some perspective that I thought I would share. Have you ever seen Pirates 2? Well parts of the film were shot on the island, they were very proud of that. I did eat at a restaurant that Johnny Depp ate at… it was hot. Dominica is not only the least known, but also the least developed Caribbean island, a somewhat third world country. It being only my second trip out of North America, and definitely my first taste of such a life, it was a place of wonder for me.
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I’m not sure how many people read into suicide statistics these days, i mean it’s not something you would enjoy reading. We’re from Brisbane, Australia and this part of Australia has one of the highest teenage suicide rates in the world.

We all wake up looking forward to making music. Whether it be writing it or sharing it with other people through live shows. We never wake up and realize that there are people out there that need our help. A lot of todays generation look to music to help solve serious issues within there own lives. What we say, how we act, and what we do will effect our youth in the highest degree.
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From the WORLD VISION web site:
“”Children Should Never Be Soldiers” Declaration
In northern Uganda, as many as 30,000 children have been kidnapped and
forced to serve as soldiers in a nightmarish civil war that the world
has largely ignored. These innocent children are brutalized and
mutilated, forced to commit atrocities, and given as sex slaves to
military commanders. This targeted abuse of children is unacceptable.
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So… I found myself in Washington DC just one day before the Save Darfur rally this last week — thousands of people gathered on the Mall, in between the Washington Monument and the Capitol, all together for the purpose of stopping the genocide that is taking place in the Darfur region of Sudan, a country in Africa. (To learn about this crisis, read this short article)

So, I thought I would attend. And I did. And I am very glad that I went.
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I received an email today asking, “What can WE do about the situation in Sudan?”

Great question!
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