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To Write Love On Her Arms is up for the myspace impact awards.

Go vote for them, or someone else they are all good charities. 


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“The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved a 26,000-strong peacekeeping force for Darfur on Tuesday to try to help end four years of fighting that has killed more than 200,000 people in the vast Sudanese region.

The force — the first joint peacekeeping mission by the African Union and the United Nations — will replace the beleaguered 7,000-strong AU force now in Darfur no later than Dec. 31.”

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On July 20th, ENERGY STAR’s new specifications for computers went into effect. They are expected to save consumers and businesses more than $1.8 billion in energy costs over the next 5 years and prevent greenhouse gas emissions equal to the annual emissions of 2.7 million vehicles.

The new specifications include:

* Use of energy efficient power supply. Desktops must use power supplies that are 80% efficient
* Operate efficiently in Standby/Off, Sleep, and Idle modes. Desktops must use less than 2 W in standby mode
* Include and enable power management features of the system and provide user education about these feature

Only about 125 desktops and laptops currently meet the new stringent requirements.

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Energy Star’s website

That was a cheesy title I know, I’m sorry.

“Hold a bake sale to end childhood hunger in America.

Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale is a national campaign where participants host their own bake sale anywhere in the U.S. from May 19 – August 31 and send their proceeds to Share Our Strength to help organizations in their community end childhood hunger.

Funds raised are granted to local organizations that work to increase participation by low-income children in summer and after-school feeding programs and to support nutrition education programs for low-income families. Since 2003, the campaign has raised over $3 million and engaged more than 1 million people in baking, selling or buying goods. Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale is supported by Food Network, the campaign’s national television partner.”

I found this the other day and thought it was worth mentioning. Take a look and if it’s up your alley, get involved.

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“…While it was much in the way of aesthetic inspiration, the African journey proved far more profound as the band felt moved to play a role in AIDS awareness for a country plagued by the disease. To that end, Hanson chose today’s release in preparation for World AIDS Day on Dec. 1. “The leadership hasn’t been there from the artists that are from the Midwest and we felt like after we got this final push, that there was something we could do,” Taylor says. “We decided we were going to learn and get our hands dirty.”

All proceeds will be donated to PHRU in Soweto, a hospital that helps reduce the transmission of pre-natal HIV/AIDS.”

Click here to read the short article

Purchase song through Itunes here

Note: I know this is several months old but Hanson’s newest cd came out last tuesday and deserves some awareness

“A growing list of states and universities across the country are pulling their investments from foreign companies that deal with Sudan, Iran and other nations accused of government-supported genocide or terrorism.”

“Michigan is among the states that soon could join the effort. The state Legislature on Tuesday was to hold hearings on bills that would restrict the state’s pension fund investments.”


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“The European Union took the first step on Monday towards sending forces to Chad and the Central African Republican to help the United Nations protect refugees trapped in the violent region bordering Darfur.”

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