“The European Union took the first step on Monday towards sending forces to Chad and the Central African Republican to help the United Nations protect refugees trapped in the violent region bordering Darfur.”

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ChangingThePresent.org lets you change the world, in exactly the way you want. For just a few dollars, you can provide a child with her first book; fund an hour of cancer research; protect an acre of the rainforest; or restore a blind person’s sight with cataract surgery. ChangingThePresent.org offers thousands of inspiring donation opportunities from hundreds of leading nonprofits, so you’re sure to find something that moves you, no matter what cause you most care about.


Every single day, young women all over the world are struggling with life-controlling issues such as anorexia, bulimia, self-harm, depression, addictions, abuse, and unplanned pregnancy.

She could be your sister…
She could be your friend….
She could be YOU.

Hope may seem lost. But it is not. The truth is that there IS hope for a magnificent future.

Mercy Ministries exists to give young women, ages 13-28, the opportunity to experience unconditional love, healing, and hope for their future. This is carried out through a strategic, six-month program emphasizing intensive counseling, holistic health, emotional stability, education and life skills at absolutely no charge.” – Virb.com/mercyministriesglobal


AMERICA: www.mercyministries.com

AUSTRALIA: www.mercyministries.com.au

UNITED KINGDOM: www.mercyministries.co.uk

CANADA: www.mercyministries.ca

NEW ZEALAND: www.mercyministries.org.nz

“Living Water International now has a presence at Change.org, the social network that brings causes and activists together. Recruit friends, raise awareness, and make donations at www.change.org/lwi

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P is for panda has a brand spankin new website up. Head over there and check them out and help contribute to the critters.

“For now, we are a clothing company. It may not necessarily seem revolutionary, but we believe that it takes small steps to incite change. Our clothing will be completely based on artist submissions. If we choose to use an artist’s design, the artist is then allowed to choose the item price, the size of the clothing run, and a charity to donate a portion of the proceeds to. World Wildlife Fund is the charity we will suggest to them, but again – it is the artist’s choice.”

Website Link

Anyone reading this have any charities, links, or anything else that’s interesting that we should know about? Leave us a comment with it.

“The PlayPump systems are innovative, sustainable, patented water pumps powered by children at play. Installed near schools, the PlayPump system doubles as a water pump and a merry-go-round for children.”


“PlayPumps International  is a nonprofit organization that enables individuals, governments, foundations, and companies to donate PlayPump™ water systems to rural African communities and schools.  Donors to PlayPumps International help improve the lives of children and their families by providing easy access to clean drinking water, enhancing public health, and offering play equipment to millions across Africa.

I love this idea and can’t really say anything more than they already have on their site about it, please check them out and find out how to get involved and contribute to what they are doing.

PlayPumps International Site
PlayPumps International FAQ

The Dalit Freedom Network
“The Dalit Freedom Network partners with the Dalits in their quest for religious freedom, social justice, and human rights by mobilizing human, informational, and financial resources.”

Here’s a link you may have over looked on the “Make A Difference” page. I encourage you to look again because this is a heart breaking thing to have a group of people so oppressed in the year 2007.

An incredible thing happened today halfway across the world. On this day in Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia, our friend Eric Hires delivered a brand new custom-made fishing boat to Made.

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